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  • Pawan Hans
  • Hotel SPT Palace, a 2-star establishment, is conveniently located in close proximity to various helipads, including Pawan Hans Helipad, UT Air Helipad, Pinnacle Helipad, and others. Our hotel offers a total of 26 rooms, including double bed, triple bed, and four-bed rooms. Each room is equipped with modern facilities such as hot and cold water, LED TV, and comfortable bedding to ensure a pleasant stay for our guests.

About SPT Palace Hotel

Accommodation Types:

  • Double Bed Rooms
  • Triple Bed Rooms
  • Four Bed Rooms


Facilities for Guests:

  • Hot and Cold Water
  • LED TV
  • Compactable Bedding


Proximity to Heliports:

  • Very close to Pawan Hans Helipad
  • Nearby Ut Air Helipad
  • Close to Pinnacle Helipad and other helipads in the vicinity


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